Conditional Format In Power BI


  • Today we learn about conditional formatting in Power BI. Conditional formatting is the features of Power BI. We can also display cell values with data bars.
  • Firstly we load the table into Power BI using Get Data.
  • Next, we drag and drop the table from the visualization pane and select the required field which we want to display in the table.
  • After that in Format go to the Conditional Formatting and select the column. Here in the Prod_Cost column, we apply conditional formatting.
  • In the conditional format, there are many options for formatting data.


  • In conditional formatting, we set the background color according to the minimum and maximum value.
  • Here first we turn on the Background color then automatically assign the color to visualization component i.e. table.
  • In Advanced Control we customize the color as per user requirement.
  • The Format has three option that is Color Scale, Rules and Fields Value.
  • We choose Color scale format to set the color for Minimum, Center, and Maximum values. The diverging option helps to set color of center value.
  • In summarization as per requirement, we choose an option like Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, etc.
  • After the click on ok changes is applied to the table.


  • To set font color enables the Font color option.
  • Advanced controls help to configure the Font color.
  • After enabling Font Color we select Format as well as the field. And set the color as per Lowest, Middle and Highest value.
  • Then click on ok. Here changes apply to the table.


  • Data Bars are helps to format data and to make it easier to compare. Now we set the Data Bars.
  • Now we select a column in the Base value field. And select the minimum and maximum values, the color of the bars.
  • Bar direction helps to the direction of the bar. If required, there is an option to just display the bars and not the data itself.
  • In the following table display the bar according to a minimum and maximum value.


  • We apply conditional formatting using Icons on the text columns in Power BI. For applying icon we enable the Icons option.
  • Here we select Icon layout as of right. Then we select alignment and style.
  • By adding New rules we set the value.
  • After clicking ok in the table icons are displayed.

If you are new to Power BI start with the following must-watch video:-